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Uniform Information

Prestige Prices

Our uniform is sold at:

Lowe-Go’s.  Please click on this link to access their website.


Prestige in Flitwick



Boys Uniform

Grey trousers (not tracksuit bottoms)

White polo shirt with collar

Black school shoes (not trainers)

Royal blue school jumper (with school logo)

Outdoor warm coat with a hood or a hat

During warm weather grey shorts may be worn.




Girls Uniform

Grey pinafore dress, grey skirt or grey trousers

White polo shirt

Black shoes (not trainers, high heeled or fashion shoes – including ballet pumps)

Royal blue school jumper or cardigan (with school logo)

Outdoor warm coat with a hood or a hat

In warmer weather a royal blue and white striped or checked summer dress or grey shorts may be worn.

P.E. Kit (boys and girls)



White t-shirt

Royal blue shorts



White t-shirt

Royal blue shorts

tracksuit (black or navy)


Hair, jewellery and make up


Children are required to wear long hair tied back from their face so it does not interfere with work; this will also be safe for P.E. lessons.

Children should not wear jewellery in school, with the exception of ear studs for pierced ears.  These must be removed for P.E. by the child, or they should have plasters provided by the parents / carers to cover their earings.

We cannot take responsibility for the loss or damage of any jewellery items.

Make up is not permitted in school.