• Reception 92.79%
  • KS1 95.85%
  • KS2 97.44%
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Kingsmoor Pre School

Ducklings Class & Ladybirds Class  


Here at Kingsmoor Preschool we lay the foundation to learning and school life.  We encourage and develop a child's independence that will help them progress through Reception and build their confidence in their own abilities which will help them in their further education.  


This is mainly done through child-initiated activities, with adult led and planned activities to help develop key skills.  Phonic and Maths activities are planned for separately by the adults in the room which helps to consolidate and develop their knowledge.  These are all done in fun and exciting ways, often where the children do not realise that they have actually learnt anything formally, through whole group games, songs, movement activities and smaller group games to assist more specific group targets.


The learning environment is not set by the adults who lead the room, instead the children are encouraged to choose resources from around the room that interest them and adults will then enhance these with additional resources to encourage learning; such as playdough mats with different ideas on to encourage the imagination, and numbers or phonic sounds added to the constructions bricks to work on number recognition and to encourage early reading skills. 


We follow the EYFS curriculum which helps us to plot where to go next for each child.  Children each have their own Key Worker, who will observe and plan next steps for each child specifically, although all adults in the classroom will know the children and where they are in their learning journey.  


Every child is treated as an individual and encouraged to learn and progress at their own pace to help them thrive and enjoy the best possible start to school.


We can accept children from 2 years old.


Our hours are as follows;

Morning session: 8.45am - 11.45am

Lunch: 11.45am - 12.20pm

Afternoon session: 12.20pm - 3.20pm.


We offer both the 15 hour and 30 hour Government funding and the children are also able to attend the breakfast and afterschool club at the school.  






At Kingsmoor we have a thriving Pre School and can offer 30 hours funding.  Please see the link below to check eligibility.