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Art / Design Technology

Art and Design



At Kingsmoor, we want our children to develop their creativity and be able to express themselves and create a variety of art and design work by using a range of stimuli and resources. Art will be used to support learning across other subjects, as well as developing motor skills, decision making, collaboration and evaluating skills. We want our pupils to appreciate the work of different artists, along with a range of artwork from different cultures and times.  



Within the Early Years the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is followed through the theme ‘Expressive Arts and Design’.  In Key Stage One and Two, Art and Design is taught following the aims and content of the National Curriculum 2014. As Key Stage 2 are in mixed classes, a two year rolling programme is followed and the projects and artists studied will be changed according to the topics being studied. The children will continuously improve their drawing, sketching and painting skills, as well as being exposed to more demanding art techniques each year. Activities will include collage, printing, textiles, painting, drawing and sculpture and focused work on different Artists for example, Van Gogh, Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Monet, Andy Warhol, Henri Rousseau. The children will be taught to use materials and tools safely and effectively. We will use a wide range of different stimuli to engage and enthuse the children, planning art activities which link closely, where possible, to topic work.



The children are assessed by their teachers as each art project is completed, which helps to inform future teaching and learning. 

Through our Art teaching we strive:

  • For the children to acquire the age related expectations in Art and Design. 
  • For the children to develop a love of creativity and learning to become imaginative and enjoy using art as an expressive medium.
  • For the children to be inspired, work hard to meet the challenges and become resilient learners.
  • For the children to work independently and to also be able to contribute effectively in paired, group or class creations. 
  • For the children to grow in confidence to evaluate and modify their work.