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Physical Education (PE)

P.E. (Physical Education)



We will provide at least 2 hours of a variety of both indoor and outdoor Physical Education activities to all of our children, making effective use of our inside and outside resources, both within school, our local community as well as wider opportunities.



Mrs Suffling is our P.E. Co-ordinator. She holds the professional qualifications in Primary School P.E. Specialism and P.E. Subject Leadership.


At Kingsmoor, P.E. is taught through "Physical Development" within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in Ducklings, Ladybirds and Rabbits (Nursery and Reception):


Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage


We teach the P.E. National Curriculum in Years 1 to 4 using the
programme Getset4PE.


P.E. Programmes of Study Key Stages 1 and 2 


The following table shows which P.E. topics are taught throughout the


 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1 Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2



Introduction to PE: Unit 1DanceFundamentals Unit 1GymnasticsBall SkillsGames



Introduction to PE: Unit 2DanceFundamentals Unit 2GymnasticsBall SkillsGames
Red Kites (Year 1)FundamentalsBall SkillsSending and ReceivingInvasionTarget GamesStriking and Fielding
 YogaGymnasticsFitnessDanceAthleticsNet and Wall
Honeybees Year 2)FundamentalsBall SkillsSending and ReceivingInvasionTarget GamesStriking and Fielding
 YogaGymnasticsFitnessDanceAthleticsNet and Wall
Robins & Owls (Years 3&4)FundamentalsNetballHockeyTag RugbyCricketTennis
 YogaDanceSwimmingFitnessAthleticsStriking and Fielding


In Years 1-4, 1 hour of P.E. a week is taught by an external Sports Coach alongside the class teacher.
Mrs Suffling liaises with them to ensure the curriculum is appropriate and

Mrs Suffling works closely with Redborne Sports Partnership to develop our
P.E. provision on an annual basis.  Through the Redborne Sports
Partnership we have access to the following:



  • Training for our School Sports Leaders
  • Training for Staff
  • Bikeability sessions for Year 4
  • Access to inter-school sports competitions


We have a wide range of both indoor and outdoor P.E. equipment.

We use the Get Set 4 PE Scheme of Work for P.E. in the main, but also
supplement other schemes/resources to create our topics. 


All children are assessed in P.E. by their teachers, on a termly basis.  Mrs
Suffling then analyses the attainment and progress of the whole school in
this area.  This information informs future teaching and learning in P.E

PE Policy - Policy for the Safety & Good Practice in Physical Activity