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Our SEND coordinator is Mrs Anna Dear

S.E.N.D. Policy and Information Report


The Central Bedfordshire SEND Parent and Young Person partnership Service provide support for parents and carers and young people.  They can offer support and advice about processes, timescales, legalities surrounding the new EHCNA (Educational, Health, Care and Needs Assessment) and help with questions you may have.  Follow the link to find out how they can support you.


Accessibility Policy

Further Support


Should you wish to gain advice from professionals outside school, you may find the following numbers helpful:


· Parent partnership: CBC SEND Parents and Young Person Partnership Service – 0300 300 8088

· School Admissions – 0300 3003 8037

· School Nurse Service – 01525 631199

· CHUMS – 01525 863924

· Carers in Bedfordshire – 0300 111 1919

· Autism Bedfordshire – 01234 214871

· Outside in – 01462 813282

· Child Development Centre – 01234 310275

· Parenting programmes in Central Bedfordshire –

· Special Needs Action Panel –

· Flitwick Children’s Centre – 01525 714008

· Children with Disabilities Team – 01234 228709 



SNAP (Special Needs Action Panel) is a pro-active, independent forum of parent carers who all have children or young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). As members of the National Network of Parent Carer Forum’s we support the development of parent carer participation, a process in which parents work together with professionals to make improvements to local services. We act as a conduit for a wide variety of local professionals in their work with children and young people with SEND.