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KS2 - Honeybees

Honeybees Class Assembly - Appreciation


Although it was not possible to perform Honeybees class assembly recently, we still wanted to share with you what the children have been working on.
The theme of the assembly was the Kingsmoor school value of 'Appreciation'.
Please see below a video, along with messages from the children saying what they appreciate about each other.
We hope you enjoy it!!
Best wishes,
Mrs. Webb

Class Assembly - Appreciation - What we appreciate about our friends...

Honeybees - Appreciation

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We have been looking at Learning Lines in our assemblies. They explain the learning process and how it starts flat before we start to learn, then dips into the 'pit' when we are introduced to something that we don't know anything about. With hard work and determination, the line takes an upward climb as we start to feel good because we have overcome our initial difficulties and have experienced success. Classes considered the values that would be required for each stage.

KS2 Christmas Performance - Edith's Wartime Scrapbook

KS2 - Visit to Bletchley Park

In English, we enjoy reading the story of Miss Seethe's and the Detention Rampage. After reading the story, we had a go at acting out the main parts before we began our writing. Look out for our art work where we design our own 'Worst Teachers'.


In Honeybees, we've been looking at the place value of numbers up to four digits. We've talked about thousands, hundreds, tens and ones and have looked at representing numbers in different ways. We have enjoyed using a range of different maths equipment.

In Key Stage 2, we spent time investigating our hand span, foot length and height. We used the data we had gathered to compare the information we had found. We learnt that just because you are taller, it doesn't mean your hands and feet are bigger.

On Wednesday 11th September, we enjoyed taking part in David Walliams Day. We all dressed as our favourite characters and spent the day working on a range of art

activities based around the illustrator Tony Ross. We even got to hear David Walliams read some of his book ' The Midnight Gang'.