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Family Support


Hello everyone,

My name is Claire Evans and I am the Family Support Worker here at Kingsmoor.  I know that this is a really unsettling time for both parents/carers and children as we do not know when things will return to normal. 


In this period, if there is anything I can help with, please do not hesitate to contact me, I may be able to offer some emotional support as well as trying to find other outside support that you might require at this time. I will try my best to help wherever I can.

I will also be adding to our website, useful websites and other information that may be of help.

If you cannot find the information you need, please contact me on the email below or contact the school office.

Kind regards,


Claire Evans

Parent Space drop in

Support and Information 

SOS Parent webinar crime prevention

Courses for parents/carers

Autism and Behaviour

Parents webinar breaking cycles

A 7 week programme starting on 14.10.20 to support families

Support for families September 2020


All parenting groups are taking place virtually using Microsoft Teams, and parents must register a place using the appropriate Eventbrite link.

Triple P 3 – 12years: 

22.09.20 for 7 weeks 9.30am

Parenting programmes enable parents to build on what they already know and to do the best for their children. They do this by providing opportunities for parents to gain new knowledge, skills and confidence to support their children and strengthen relationships within the family. The programme supports parents to improve relationships with their children, set boundaries and develop effective responses to misbehaviour. The programme is recognised by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) and is recommended within the local ADHD Care Pathway.


Strengthening Families 10 - 14: 

21.09.20 for 7 weeks 6pm

This is a 7week family programme, consisting of separate group-based sessions with young people and parents, followed by joint activity sessions. It is designed to strengthen families, improve communication within families and enables families to work together to support their young people to achieve their goals, make positive choices and resist peer pressure especially in relation to drugs and alcohol.


Supporting and Progressing Families:

08.09.20 for 7 weeks 10am

14.10.20 for 7 weeks 17.30pm

03.11.20 for 7 weeks 12.30pm

This is an 8-week programme with each session lasting 2 hours. It is aimed at parents of children 10 and upwards.

SPF is based on the philosophy of non-violent resistance (NVR) and it has been applied in many different ways. It is an approach that can be used when parents are faced with challenging behaviour and helps to look at building stronger relationships within the family. It will give you the opportunity to explore and learn new ways of responding to your child, help you to think about the presence you have with your child and look at your approach with you child, rather than focussing on rewards and consequences as with other programmes.

Coming back to school

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