Kingsmoor Lower School Governors

As a Governing Body, we are dedicated to ensuring the pupils at Kingsmoor Lower School receive the best
education possible. We are committed to continually improve the teaching and learning experience of our
children, to ensure the pupils receive a broad, balanced, creative curriculum. We strive to create an
environment where pupils can access a wide variety of opportunities to help them achieve their full
What do we do?
The Governing Body takes a strategic role in the running of the schools. This involves:

• working with the Head Teacher to ensure high quality teaching and standards across the school

• acting as a critical friend by asking questions, challenging expectations and pushing for improvements

• agreeing the schools strategy for development

• monitoring and reviewing progress towards the schools aims and objectives

• agreeing policies

• ensuring health and safety standards are adhered to, so that we can create a safe and supportive
environment for our pupils to learn in

• managing the school’s budget

• promoting the interests of the school and the pupils in the wider community

Who are we?
The Governing Body consists of parent governors, community governors, Local Authority governors and
staff governors, including the Head Teacher. We work closely together and in partnership with other
agencies, to support the development of the school. All governors are volunteers.
Parent Governors
Staff Governors
Community Governors
Local Authority appointed Governors

We welcome your questions and feedback at any time. Please feel free to contact us through the school office

Our current Governing Body is made up as follows:


Committee membership 2017 – 2018