Kingsmoor Lower School
Mission Statement
The Head Teacher, Staff and Governors at Kingsmoor Lower School are committed to providing
outstanding education and excellent pastoral care for the whole community.
We are committed to delivering an exciting, challenging curriculum made accessible to all in a
supportive and inclusive environment.
Our Aims:
• Creating a secure, happy and stimulating learning environment rich in creativity and
• Promoting and maintaining an ethos based on upholding positive, inspiring and memorable
learning experiences.
• Providing every pupil with a voice that is valued.
• Developing and maintaining high standards in all aspects of work and school life enabling
each child to reach their full potential.
• Nurturing the whole child and promoting active and healthy lifestyles.
• Preparing children to be good citizens by developing their self esteem, encouraging positive
social skills and caring attitudes.
• Teaching a broad and balanced curriculum providing creativity and inspirational learning
• Promoting cultural understanding through involvement in local, national and international
• To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding through appropriate
curricular opportunities ensuring equality and diversity of opportunities for all.
• To narrow any gaps in attainment and progress that may have arisen between groups of
pupils within the school’s community by ensuring that all groups and individuals have their
needs fully met in order to achieve good or better progress.
Our Values:
We offer a rich and stimulating learning environment where everyone is valued. Our school
is welcoming and happy and we foster a close partnership between school, parents, carers,
governors and the community.
Children are at the heart of all we do. The school believes that every child has a right to have
a say and receive a good education.
We promote the values necessary to enable the children to develop emotionally, socially,
intellectually, morally and physically and enable them to become self confident and
responsible members of society.
We require staff and pupils to demonstrate the values we have established as the core of
Values Education programme to support our inclusive school ethos, raise attainment and
guide our behaviour. The values we focus on are: respect, friendship, appreciation, honesty,
courage, co-operation, happiness, responsibility, tolerance, peace and thoughtfulness.
We value and respect people from all backgrounds, we celebrate our differences and expect
children and adults to work and co-operate with each other. We expect everyone in the
school community to treat each other with respect, regardless of gender, faith, ethnicity or
We recognise that everyone in our school community has a role to play ensuring a
supportive, inclusive ethos is developed and maintained so that the best possible education
can be provided to cater for the needs of all its pupils.