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KS1 - Butterflies

William Morris and Georgia O'Keefe

Butterflies class were studying William Morris and Georgia O'Keefe. They created their own piece of work using techniques and styles practised and copied. Then they presented them for an art gallery in which parents and families were invited to attend. The work was amazing and all the parents and teachers involved were extremely proud and delighted to see such high quality and imaginative work. Well done Butterflies Class!  
On Thursday 25th April, Key Stage 1 dressed up for our Mini Beast day. There were lots of different and fun activities that we explored. Butterfly classes favourite activities were drawing roses, making butterflies by squeezing paint into bags and creating a wormery. We hope to learn more about our gardens and what live there later in the topic. 

Key Stage 1 Sports Event

Ezekial Ewumo visited our school and showed us how to train to be an olympic athlete

Inspector Mike Boyce came to our school and told us about rail safety. We dressed up in some uniforms.

Can you recognise the London landmarks we made with Lego and Knex?

Look at the photographs of our stunning starter - making hot chocolate and sampling ice cream. We then carried out science experiments to find out where the warmest place in the classroom was to melt ice cream.

Maths - Making patterns and sequences on the playground and number activities in the classroom

PE - practising throwing and catching

Phonics - writing our words and sounds with chalk on the playground