Little Learners

Did you know that we have a preschool at Kingsmoor? We welcome children the first term after they are three.  We will be offering up to 30 hours of childcare from September 2018.  If you are interested in a place, please call the school office for more information.

Little Learners offers fully flexible, integrated nursery provision within Kingsmoor Lower
School for 3 to 4 year old children. We deliver the best quality nursery school education (Good,
according to Ofsted in 2011), for the children of Flitwick and surrounding area. We are a
friendly, welcoming Nursery offering a very special nurturing experience for young children,
providing them with all the opportunities they need to play, learn and grow in a caring

Our excellent staff, close links with parents and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities
encourage children to develop new skills and relationships at their own pace. We believe that
children learn best through play and we always aim to nurture and value each child as an
We recognise the value of the outdoors environment in a child’s life as being one where they can
socialise, learn and develop a wide range of skills and values. Our nursery make provision for
outdoor play, promoting not only physical development through the use of slides and bikes etc.
but also for all other curriculum areas appropriate to the child s stage of development.
Our outdoor areas provide a safe place where a child can play and learn. We also have a covered
outdoor area so the children can even go out on the not-so-sunny days.
Governors and our highly professional and experienced staff are very proud of our reputation as
an excellent, quality warm and friendly place where children learn and develop in fun and
interesting ways, helping them to reach their full potential.
We understand the importance of building strong relationships with parents who give us positive
feedback every year with comments like:

“My child loves all the activities and likes to talk through what she is doing….it is really good to see how happy she is.”

“My daughter loves Little Learners and this is clear watching her play. I am very happy with her

“All the activities give the children great scope to show their talents and they seem to go for

If you want to have your child to have excellent early years’ experience in a happy, loving. Safe
and secure environment the Little Learners at Kingsmoor Lower is the place for you.